RM6229 Permanent Recruitment 2 – Lot 1 – Clinical General Recruitment


Specialist Health and Social Care Recruitment agency who understand the challenges facing recruitment and retention within Health and Social Care.

We will support you to create a skilled, inclusive and diverse workforce by using both traditional and innovative recruitment methods.

Osa Healthcare Recruitment specialise in Permanent Recruitment and fixed term contract employed staff, within the Mental Health and Social Care Sector, as we understand the importance and benefit to patients in providing consistency and continuity to care with employed staff who you are able to invest in and develop. We are safer recruitment trained and highly experienced in taking an inclusive and diverse approach to recruiting high quality staff for a variety of roles from Administrative and Ancillary staff, Clinical Roles such as Nurses, Therapists and Doctors, through to all levels of Management and Director level roles.

We are committed to right first-time placements and everything we do is tailored to each client.