Equal Opportunities Policy

Here at Osa Healthcare Recruitment we are committed to being an equal opportunities company, as are all the companies we recruit staff for.  

We do not tolerate discrimination or abuse of any kind.  

All our applicants are considered fairly and free from prejudice. We do not ask any questions in applications or interviews that are not relevant to the information we need for the role we are hiring for.  

All our staff are safer recruitment trained and constantly strive to keep knowledge and training of human rights and other issues up to date. We educate ourselves on current issues and how we can be all be advocates for individuals’ rights. We have signed the mental health at work act and staff have undergone mental health champion training.  

All staff have a good understanding of unconscious bias and how to ensure we do not have any bias in our recruitment process.  

We ensure that we process applications fairly and treat all individuals with equal respect. Our safer recruitment policy procedure for our hiring process ensures that we are an equal opportunities company.  

  • All our applicants are given equal amounts of time when we speak with them. We ensure they all get asked the same questions to give them so that the telephone interview is fair. 
  • We ask all candidates for a CV and then ensure we ask for any additional information that we need not included in their CV, ensuring we have the same information from all candidates. 
  • If we feel a candidate is suitable for a role, we convert their applications into our standard format to send to the client. We ensure the client receives only the relevant information for the role and help every candidate to show the best of their abilities and experiences, giving them all an equal and fair chance of success.  

Please see our Safer Recruitment Policy for further information. 

We use our social media platforms to promote equal rights for all in the workplace and in all walks of life. We feel we have a duty to educate others, reduce stigma and create positive conversations around issues such as gender, race, culture, religion, sexuality and mental health. We have a strict non tolerance approach to any hate speech, discrimination or bullying on our social media accounts.