Osa are trusted by health and social care organisations, we are a purpose driven team of staffing providers.

We have a pool of high quality and exceptionally talented qualified health and social care professionals who are all pre checked and fully compliant to CQC and OFSTED requirements. Our professional bank of staff include Level 5 qualified Registered Managers, qualified Mental Health, Learning Disability and General Nurses, HCPC registered therapists of all disciplines, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Consultants.

We are able to provide the staff you need, either for short term needs, interim or fixed term contracts or project work.

Director , August 2023

Me, PROMOTED…Can you believe it ! I am so grateful to you for the advice, the encouragement and for being my cheerleader all the way through the process. When we first spoke 2 years ago and you told me about this company you said I would love it and I do, it’s the best decision I ever made. I am beyond grateful that even 2 years down the line you were still happy to offer advice and support to help me to land the promoted role. You guys really are the best.

Deputy Manager, October 2023

“Thank you for your time on the phone yesterday, it is refreshing to hear from a recruiter who actually listened to what I had to say, was keen to learn about me and understand what I want from a role.”

Support Worker, April 2023

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