Integrity, collaborate with leaders, teams, and organisations to help them define their objectives and strategies, plan actions, and demonstrate the completion of tasks.

Their focus is on prioritising children and young people in all their efforts. They are dedicated to establishing an inclusive and nurturing learning environment that promotes growth and progress.

With emphasise on the importance of reflection and curiosity as valuable components throughout their support and services.

Their social care training for professionals working with children and young people aims to enhance team skills, increase awareness, and offer evidence-based examples of best practices for those who care for and support young individuals.

The goal at Integrity is to ensure that every learner who undergoes training feels prepared and empowered to make a positive difference in their roles and responsibilities.

Integrity provides consultancy services intended to empower teams and leaders navigating and supporting the complexities of trauma-informed environments.

Their objective is to promote healthy cultures, sustainable systems, and safe practices through a child-centred approach.

They strive to improve child and youth-centred care, professional skills, and nurturing environments.

Collaborating with partners, they offer support in leadership planning and guidance for those establishing or enhancing children’s homes.

Their consultancy offers assistance with registration, governance, compliance, and action planning. The service also provides policy and procedure development and review and devises strategies to uphold the ethos, vision, and journey of homes based on their current experience and aspirations for the future.

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